“Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series depicts the migration of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North during and after World War I. The Great Migration was the largest movement of black people since slavery removed Africans to the Americas. Lawrence’s sixty panels portray the story of people seeking a better life. The captions for each image combine history, sociology, and poetry in a visual narrative.” (https://whitney.org/www/jacoblawrence/art/migration_series.html)

Explore a selection of five panels below.

the_migration_series1336061657136Panel No. 1. During World War I there was a great migration north by southern African Americans.

JacobLawrenceReplicaPanel No. 10. They were very poor.

jacob-lawrence-3Panel No. 17. Tenant farmers received harsh treatment at the hands of planters.

35-641330987462155  Panel No. 49. They found discrimination in the North. It was a different kind.

Lawrence_Migration52 Panel No. 52. One of the most violent race riots occurred in East St. Louis.

Click here to view the whole Migration Series.


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